Shenzhen’s Top International Hospitals

While Shenzhen is not awash with an excess of private medical care, due in part to its proximity to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, both of which are inundated with options for quality care (the former obviously being superior in this regard), there are some places in the city where you can find good to excellent medical services. Below is a short rundown of hospitals that have consistently made it to the top of lists for the quality of their services, and, in some particular cases, their ability and willingness to deal with English-speaking patients.

The University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital

While not technically an international hospital, since it operates as a public hospital and as part of The University of Hong Kong’s Medical School, HKU(SZ) Hospital offers the best of HK’s internationalized medical standards and practices on the mainland, and for a good price.

The University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen Hospital (Shenzhen Binhai Hospital) is a comprehensive public hospital invested fully by the Shenzhen Government, undertaking duties of medical services, researches and teaching. It is the model upon which Shenzhen’s public hospitals will all be based. With a total investment of 4 billion RMB, the Hospital occupies a total land area 192,000 m2 and construction area 367,000 m2. The Hospital provides a daily outpatient capacity of 8,000-10,000 person-time and 2000 beds

Address & Phone Number:
Futian District, Shenzhen,

Home Women's and Children's Hospital

Shenzhen HOME Women’s and Children’s Hospital is the only hospital in Shenzhen City that has received Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. They employ a “zero error” medical safety system and western-style health care practices with the developing medical technology and model of to provide high-quality medical services to women and children.
Address & Phone Number
Shenzhen Shennan Road,
Nanshan District, No. 12018
(0755) 33391333

Distinct Healthcare

Distinct Healthcare (卓正医疗) is a chain of expat friendly clinics in Shenzhen that employs a Hong Kong health clinic model and this is their internal medicine clinic. They emphasize that their doctors come from top universities and that they do not use excessive amounts antibiotics or conduct excessive amounts of examinations.
Address & Phone No.
5th Floor, Tower A, Wanrong Building,
Gongye 4th Rd, Nanshan District,
Tel:(0755) 8666 4776

Peking University Shenzhen Hospital

Peking University Shenzhen Hospital is an affiliate hospital of Peking University, one of the country’s top two universities, and although they don’t specialize in dealing with English speakers, they are likely to have some of the best service you can find from a public hospital in China.
Address & Phone Number
No. 1120, Lotus Road, Futian,
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province,
(755) 8392 3333

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